Saturday, March 28, 2009

quick update

Hey folks just quick update here, more to come later. We've moved and are up and running at our new location in Buford, Ga. The physical address here is 4050 Buford Dr. & the new phone number is 770- 614- 0801. The shop is really coming together and it looks great, of course I'm a bit biased, but it means that we're going to be better equipped to take care of both you and your bikes. The showroom (yes we have one now) has a very homey and comfortable feel and the service dept. has a much more professional look and feel to it. (actual customer comments, not just mine!)
Our single speed team is continuing it's reign of domination, terror and fear. I'll give you an update here soon as to how our individual riders have been doing, but for now just know that they're working hard and their efforts are showing in their results!
For those of you who might be wondering how you can get in on the action and become a part of the team, check out our shop website Here you will find all the info you need to join our newly formed club team and secure yourself a kit and a spot on the team. Any other questions you might have just call the shop and talk to Cody or me (Matt) and we'll get you squared away. Aight, the rains startin' to let up a bit here and I've got many miles to travel before I can enjoy my beer. So peace and chicken grease and keep it rubber side to the road.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just got home from doing the Snake creek gap TT. Officially, this one hurt. bad. I have NEVER wanted to quite a race so much in my life. Unfortunetly, I report to my kids. So, quiting isnt really an option. Suffering, thats usually the option.

It was option A, today, no option B.

I got see a lot of my friends, monty and the boys from Macon, Slohio Rob(SSUSA CHAMP), Smelzter, Fartblender, The Hoff, Ivory and jut, Kelly bear and Scottish John, J.J. martin, Tommy T, Carson, and met a bunch of the other Yazoo guys.I got to meet some new folks.Dan and Doug showed up in the lot friday evening, Dan brought moonshine, which is usually Phillips job, but he was on call.Hung out around the fire.


Didnt sleep to well, had some nightmare with the biggest asshole on the planet. Slept about four hours.Sir Rich, Big willie, Crazy eyes, and cuz hall showed up in the am. We all started together. Lot of shenanigans going on.I love doing the snake. NWGS always puts on the best race in GA.Bang for the buck, it cant be beat. I consider it the best, because not only is it 3 races, but it's extremely difficult.

Also, it starts the season for most people. Like it or not.Thats one of the reasons I did it today. I need to get my season started.

This last year sucked, I wouldnt trade it, but it sucked. Too much stuff happening, this year HOPEFULLY will be less stressful.So, back to the race....or as I particpated in it, the ride. First, I need to say thanks to everyone who rode by me and gave me big ups. I needed every bit of support that I got. It was bad. I wanted out. But everytiime I ran into someone they would tell me how good I was doing.

You cant let your friends down. Ofcourse, they understand, stuff happens. Still, I try not to let people down. Sir rich rode with me well into the last 30% of the race. He wasnt going to let me quit either.
This situation was gonna be the toughest one I put myself in all year. If I could get through, I know I could do anything I wanted. It was a big test for me.Most everyone showed up to do another snake, but this one for me was gonna be hard.My fastest time last year was 3:31 in the singlespeed class.

This afternoon, I was close to 6 hours.My time didnt matter to me really. I knew it was gonna suck. I never even considered going fast. Not once. Im grateful to even be on a bike. I really just wanted to finish.

I almost didnt.

At the halfway point, all of the volunteers were so awesome. Giving encouragement to everyone.

The halfway point is in a parking lot that is attached to my LEAST favorite climb. It's brutal. I always start it with cold legs, because we always stop for water and food, fix a bike or two, smack talk another team, then roll on. I pushed my bike a lot. I walked a lot. Im not so proud I wont admit it.

As MOMentum said to me after the race. "Theres no shame in pushing" She right, whats the alternative to pushing?

At the point your pushing your bike, your probably in the HURT TANK, so the only other option is quitting. I saw a lot of other people pushing. I dont think I saw anyone quit. I sure as hell wasnt going to.

I wanted to real bad though.I caught Ivory and we talked a bit, then he started cramping, then I caught MK, who was freakin killing it on his Jabberwocky.we came to "The" left turn, and all ate as much as we could.

Then trugged on.
I was running out of brakes. Not something I usually do on the snake, because I dont use them too much.

I promised my family and friends I would ride smart. So, that meant going slow on EVRY down hill and wlaking the rock gardens...Like I had a choice there! I was too weak to ride at that point anyway.

My back and shoulders were so tight and siezed up that I couldnt feel my left arm, and my right arm was falling asleep.My neck muscles had cramped, then later charlie horsed, the after that I couldnt hold my head up enough to see very far in front of me.
I wanted out sooooo bad."good job Hodge" I heard, Guess Im not quitting here.I rolled up to Milron, or As we call him, Millhouse, He was riding really well.

At one point he dabbed on a rock so I got in front, which I really should have dabbed and stayed behind him.


That one will bite you in ass I thought.Sure nuff, 5 minutes later I cant see too far ahead, because my neck is locked up good.

I was on a part of trail that had a small 4 or 5 foot rocky bit, I was going 5 mph, no, seriously, I could have walked faster. My wheel roll into a baseball sized rock that I would normally have never even felt.

Today, not only did I feel it, but it stopped me, and I started to fall to the left...its always to the left??!?!

I didnt have the strenght, or maybe it was the presence of mind to pull my foot out, either way, I fell onto a rock, and I felt my back pop in about 10 places.

I cringed a lttle, and said aloud, "thats not good" Millhouse said, "Just sit a minute and chill" "Gather yourself a bit" It felt like Codered had cracked my back for me. I sat up, and Both my arms felt awesome!I twisted a bit, not believing what I was feeling. "Holy shit" I said, "I feel good!"I arched my neck, lifted my arms...I was good.

I didnt Have any pain anywhere.Millhouse suggested that it might have been a shot of adrenaline from the fall. I thought it might be as well, but was hoping that I had released a bunch of built up pressure and stress.Either way, we hopped on the bikes and started pedaling. Millhouse finished the single track downhill with a badass rear wheel skid/save do to the fact that he had no front brakes left.

I rolled into the finish, to a few "congrats Hodge, you did awesome" And felt like i had finished the tour de france. That was indeed a really tough struggle. I dont suffer like that a lot. It hurt.

I never would have done it without Sir rich's help.

I have freinds that help me acheive my goals.

Im surounded by people that help me. Im truly the luckiest guy around. I love this sport, my friends, and what makes them the way they are. I never have met a stronger more unselfish group.

Cyclists. more to the point, my cyclist friends.Constantly giving. Good stuff.Lucky.I want to thank everyone.

I want to thank the volunteers at the Snake. I think if your not signed up, you should fork out the money for the last two. It's still a steal. You'll get shuttled, fed, pint glasses, fed agian, a t-shirt, did I mention fed? still the best bang for the buck.

If you want a
challenge, do the snake.

Anyhoo, I felt compelled to get on here asap after the race, and thank everyone. Shout out to Hans and Mark, let me know how you did!

Also, go check out "Fastermustache" .com, great bunhc of guys and girls(emily you kicked total ass!)

To quote Big Willie, "Glad you finished, one mental Battle taken care of"


Cheers and beers

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanks for a great year!

First off I'd like to welcome everyone to our brand new team blog, pretty sexy don't ya think? Check back here for race reports, pictures, news of what's happening around the shop and with the team and all other forms of general all around dipshittery and douchebaggery.
Second I'd like to extend a very heartfelt thank you from everyone here at the family to everyone out there who has been a part of our lives in both big and small ways this past year. It's been a tough one, there's no way of getting around that, we've dealt with a lot of things. From injuries both off and on the race course, to losing some very good friends, days when we questioned our sanity for doing this to days when we couldn't imagine doing anything else. Bottom line is that it's our family and friends that keep us going and the reason why we do things the way we do and the reason why we're going to keep doing everything we can to stay on top. We can't wait for next season, we've got a team ready to roll that is going to strike fear in the hearts of men and make women swoon upon laying eyes on them. 2009 is going to be a year talked about for a long long time, one that in years to come people will look back upon and use this next season as a watermark for how things were in the "good ole' days". We're excited about it and we hope you are as well.
Last I'd like to thank everyone who came together to help our our brother Hodge in his time of need. It's still surreal to me to step back and think about how much was accomplished and how much was donated and just how our community came together to support someone who had fallen down and needed help getting back up. I've said it before and I'll say it again now, if the rest of the world were to take notice of our cycling community and try to live their lives the way we do and help one another out the way that we do, the rest of the world would be a much nicer place to be apart of.
So that's it, welcome to the new blog and I hope you enjoy it. Keep checking back as we'll keep updating it whenever we have something new for you and this includes some of the rides that we're planning on making that we hope everyone would join us on. Not only are we going to tear up some race courses next year, we're going to ride as much trail as we can, see as much single track as we can and meet as many people both new and old as we can and get them to ride some miles with us. Thanks again for everything!
Matty- aka PsychobillyCadillac aka mattycakes.